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Xi’an Yuanfar International Trade Company (abbreviated as: Yuanfar) is a comprehensive foreign trade company which was built in 2001 and authorized to establish by Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and National Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. Since the establishment, the people of Yuanfar sincerely cooperated with the client and trade company all over the world with serious working attitude, the business was enlarged and the turnover was increased every year. In 2006, Yuanfar achieved a successful joint venture with PROTEO SRL of Italia, from the year of 2009 Yuanfar always has maintained friendly cooperation and relationship with ENL Company which it is the largest government enterprise in Nigeria. In 2011, Yuanfar cooperated with the largest manufacturer of aluminum caps in Italia and also make it to be  his largest materials supplier in China. In the same year, according to the necessity, Yuanfar European Office in Italia and Yuanfar African Office in Negeria were set up one by one. Furthermore, the founder of Yuanfar Hong Kong Branch in 2015 indicated that Yuanfar already completed the international marketing network and good international communicative and cooperative channels; it established the strong basis for the further development.

Yuanfar always develops import and export business, and established a long-term stable cooperation and relationship with more than two hundred companies in forty countries from Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania. The company has accumulated rich experience on business negotiations, technical negotiations, contract enforcement, etc. Yuanfar also set up integrated scientific rules in internal to realize the process management. Through the practical business, the company trains the specialized team which familiar with international market, technical trade, import and export business, includes international trade, enginery, electronics, chemicals, construction, automation, IT, informatics, foreign languages, economic, economy management, accounting, finance, it has the excellent ability and strength to complete all kinds of import and export business.  

Yuanfar earnestly implement national laws and policies; abide by the general international business practices, keep the principle of equality and mutual benefit.  According to superior service and win-win business purpose,  Yuanfar set up and develop partnership with industry, trade and finance in each country and region,   connect the international and Chinese market. The company always takes integration of industry, trade, and technology, combination of import and export in order to provide to domestic and international clients on superior service.

Over fifteen years, today Yuanfar will stand on higher starting point and expect to accomplish a great prosperity with concerted efforts.